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ACDelco Alternators and Starters   

Superior Manufacturing Processes

· ACDelco Alternators are remanufactured on a first-class assembly line with standardized procedures for better quality control.

· Statistical process controls are also used throughout the remanufacturing process to monitor and adjust build quality. Under these controls ACDelco requires that all finished alternators, as well as component parts, be tested under simulated operating conditions.

· Many competitive brands are "rebuilt" on a bench, not allowing for the consistent processes and quality levels achievable on a first-class assembly line.

Rigorous Testing

· To further ensure the reliability and durability of ACDelco Alternators, they regularly endure the following tests:

n Muddy water and salt spray tests designed to simulate severe weather conditions.

n Vibration tests to simulate severe operating conditions.

n Sound room tests to assure quiet operation.

n Hot and cold room tests to assure proper operation at temperature extremes.

n Operating speed tests with variance up to 18,000 rpm.


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