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Why The ACDelco Battery Is Better For Your Car, Truck Or Sport Utility Vehicle …

  1. Longest-lasting — ACDelco Automotive Batteries last for years and years … and 33 percent longer on average than the competition.
  2. Powers all makes and models — ACDelco Automotive Batteries are engineered for just about every make and model of car, light-duty truck and sport utility vehicle, both foreign and domestic.
  3. Excellent warranties — Choose an ACDelco Automotive Battery with a 5-year, 6-year or 7-year limited warranty and know these warranties are equal to or better than many competitor's warranty.
  4. Free replacement guarantees — All ACDelco batteries are backed by a free replacement guarantee of 12 months or greater, depending on the model series. The Freedom 84 and Professional 7-year series come with a 24-month replacement guarantee. To locate the warranty center in your area, call 1-800-ACDelco.
  5. No surprises — All ACDelco Batteries easily display their state-of-charge, thanks to the built-in hydrometer or "eye" located on the top of the battery.
  6. Maintenance-free — ACDelco-exclusive wrought lead-calcium grid is corrosion-resistant and eliminates destructive gassing, water loss and self-discharge. Sealed, spin and crimped terminals also reduce maintenance.
  7. Remarkably durable — "Flex-rib" cases, an ACDelco-patented design, guards against destructive effects of vibration. Plastic-bottom grid boarder increases battery life.
  8. Easy to recharge — Top and/or side terminals on most ACDelco Batteries.
  9. Exceptionally safe — Flame-arrestor vents prevent gases from building up inside the battery. A liquid gas separator prevents the battery from losing too much fluid while still allowing excess gases to escape.
  10. Affordable — The long life of ACDelco Batteries, guaranteed by our warranty, make them an excellent value.

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