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DuraStop® Delivers Ultimate Stopping Power

Proven safe — DuraStop brakes were one of the first aftermarket lines to be tested and validated by Dual Dynamometer Differential Effectiveness Analysis (D3EA®). The D3EA® process, conducted by an independent testing laboratory, lets you know that ACDelco DuraStop replacement brake pads are in compliance with all federal safety standards set for new vehicles. Just look for the D3EA® seal on DuraStop packaging.

Brakes for most every make — The ACDelco DuraStop Brake line fits 95 percent of domestic and import passenger cars and light-duty and selected medium-duty trucks produced since 1976.

Original equipment specifications — DuraStop friction drums, rotors and calipers are built to Original Equipment specifications.

Great performance — DuraStop brakes are dependable on all types of surfaces.

Affordable — DuraStop brakes offer a premium performance at a competitive price!

Excellent warranties — Free replacement of wear-out DuraStop brake shoes and disc pads with the limited lifetime warranty on brake parts. All other DuraStop brake parts, such as drums and calipers, carry a limited 12-month/12,000 mile warranty.

ACDelco DuraStop ® Ceramic Brakes


ACDelco DuraStop — ceramic brake pads are manufactured using ceramic instead of semimetallic pads (which use iron and steel fibers). This process makes them not only quieter and more durable, but able to provide rapid braking recover and exceptionally smooth stops.

ACDelco DuraStop — ceramic brake pads and rotors have been D3EA tested and approved, which means they are consistent with the federal safety standards for new vehicles.

ACDelco's DuraStop — brakes come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty — proof that ACDelco is delivering quality, safety and performance.

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