To help your vehicle and your travel plans run smoothly, ACDelco offers a variety of quality vehicle care products. Here are some of our most popular products and the advantages they deliver year-round.

ACDelco's DEX-COOL extended-life engine antifreeze/coolant is standard equipment on all General Motors vehicles beginning with the 1998 model year. While many conventional coolants need to be replaced every two years/30,000 miles, DEX-COOL lasts up to five years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first*.

  • Provides effective, long-term corrosion protection for aluminum, brass, cast iron, steel, solder and copper.
  • Lowers maintenance costs, due to longer change intervals.
  • Enhances component durability — improved water pump seal performance and superior heat exchanger protection over regular-life coolants.
  • For maximum product effectiveness, do not mix with conventional coolant (usually green in color; DEX-COOL is orange).
  • Not to be used with radiator stop leak. See package label for complete instructions and guidelines for use.
  • Compatible with ACDelco Cooling System Seal Tabs.

* Maintenance needs vary with different uses and driving conditions. See the Owner's Manual for more information.

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ACDelco's DEXRON III long-lasting transmission fluid is standard on all General Motors vehicles beginning with the 1995 model year.

  • Recommended for all transmissions requiring DEXRON ATF
  • Works especially well in cold temperatures. Excellent low temperature fluidity allows for good cold-start shifting
  • Protects against rust, corrosion and wear

ACDelco's patented windshield washer solvent, Optikleen, quickly and thoroughly takes care of dirt, mud, grime and other windshield vision "hazards."

  • Easily cuts through dried salt and dirt
  • Safe to use near vehicle seals and finishes
  • Effectively melts ice and snow on windshields
  • Remains fluid in temperatures as low as 0° F when mixed according to label instructions

Gas Line De-Icer. The convenient, simple way to protect your vehicle during unexpected cold temperatures which can result in gas line freeze-up.

  • Absorbs moisture and condensation buildup in the gas tank and fuel lines, so freezing is eliminated.
  • Safe for fuel-injected vehicles
  • Also helps minimize problems such as gas tank corrosion

Delco Supreme 11 Brake Fluid

When brakes heat up, especially under heavy braking conditions, a vehicle's brake fluid also heats up and may even boil. This can cause vapor in the brake line, ultimately resulting in vapor lock and the inability to stop the car safely.

  • ACDelco's Supreme 11 is specially engineered to have a high boiling point — to effectively reduce the chances of brake system vapor lock.
  • Produced under strict quality controls in order to assure fluid consistency
  • Delivers unsurpassed corrosion resistance and material durability

ACDelco Radiator Fast Flush helps cooling systems operate at peak efficiency.

  • Removes rust and scum during radiator flushing
  • Helps prevent deposits that can build up in the radiator
  • Compatible with all cooling system components, including aluminum
  • See package label for complete instructions and guidelines for use

ACDelco's Fuel System Treatment, A proved chemical fuel additive that removes performance-robbing deposits from the entire intake system including:

  • Injectors and carburetors
  • Intake ports
  • Intake valves and combustion chambers

12 oz. bottle treats 8 to 12 gallons of fuel. Minor over-treatment will have no adverse effect on engine.


ACDelco's Power Steering Fluid

Designed especially for vehicles with power steering, ACDelco Power Steering Fluid thoroughly and continuously lubricates the system and helps prevent potential problems.

  • Specially developed formula enhances performance, reduces power steering noise, curbs corrosion
  • Remember to check and replace regularly, according to your vehicle owner's manual

ACDelco Cooling System Seal Tabs form a quick, permanent seal inside leaking radiators.

  • Also ideal for preventing leaks before they occur.
  • Won't wash away or fall off during system draining.
  • DEX-COOL® compatible.
  • May improve water pump shaft seal performance when using conventional coolant.

ACDelco Radiator Stop Leak provides a lasting radiator block seal.

  • Stops leaks and protects against radiator fluid seepage.
  • Safe; this nonmetallic formula will not change the chemical balance of your vehicle's antifreeze.
  • Compatible with rust inhibitors, antifreeze and coolants.
  • Not for use with ACDelco DEX-COOL®. See package label for complete instructions and guidelines for use.

ACDelco's Air Conditioning System Deodorizer is a clean, effective way to flush out the mold, mildew and bacteria that cause odors in your air conditioning system during use.

  • Increases cooling efficiency of air conditioners
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Helps keep vehicle air conditioner parts clean
  • For a permanent fix, use afterblow module

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