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ACDelco Parts Emission Control.

ACDelco Emission Control Parts 

ACDelco has one of the best overall emissions and fuel-injection lines in the industry, including:



Throttle Position, Oxygen, Camshaft Position, Crankshaft Position, Coolant Temperature, Manifold Absolute Pressure, Air ChargeTemperature, Mass Airflow (GM vehicles only) & Vehicle Speed

Fuel Delivery

Idle air control valves, Idle speed control valves, Fuel pressure regulators & TBI, Multi-Port & CIS Fuel Injectors.

Carburetion Parts

New Carburetors, Remanufactured Carburetors, Carburetion Kits & Parts.

Air-Injection Reactor (AIR) Parts

AIR pumps, AIR management valves, Pipes and tubes, Check valves

PCV Emission Control Valves

EGR Valves

Back pressure, Digital, Linear & Control solenoids.

Engine Computers (GM only)

Engine control modules, Powertrain control modules, Vehicle control modules, Calibrators and PROMS (Programmable Read-Only Memory), Powertrain control modules & Vehicle control modules


ACDelco Parts Emission Control Part Facts.

Oxygen sensors — ACDelco offers excellent all-makes coverage with original equipment quality and fit.

Throttle position sensors — film resistors are trimmed by laser for long life and better performance.

Manifold Absolute Pressure (M.A.P.) sensors — state-of-the-art electronic design and manufacturing techniques reduce components and possibility of sensor output change (electrical drift) over the life of the part.

Fuel injectors — precise spray pattern shape promotes optimum combustion-efficiency, power and low emissions. Advanced design technology provides durability, long life and better performance.

Air Injection Reactor (AIR) parts — This system pumps air into the exhaust to allow the completion of the combustion process and a reduction in the unburned hydrocarbon level of emissions.

Idle air control valves — precision-machined for better fit, long life and better performance.


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