Count On ACDelco Gas Filters To Protect Your Engine

  • ACDelco provides gas filter coverage for 99 percent of today's vehicles registered in the U.S. — so you get Outstanding Selection and Superior Protection.
  • The ACDelco Gas Filter line covers in-line, in-carburetor and fuel-injection gas filter applications.
  • ACDelco Gas Filters protect your vehicle's fuel system from dirt, rust, scale and water contaminants that can plug or wear out carburetors and fuel injectors.
  • ACDelco Gas Filters protect your vehicle from engine contamination and engine failure.
  • ACDelco Gas Filters are thoroughly tested to meet your expectations for form, fit and function. All elements are 100 percent leak-tested, and pleat sealing is continuously recorded during manufacturing to meet QS-9000 standards.

In-Line Gas Filtering

  • GREAT VERSATILITY — Direct installation into the fuel line adds greater versatility when used with other fuel-system protectors.
  • EASY INSTALLATION — Threaded and tube-type fittings allow easy installation in metal or rubber fuel lines.
  • INCREASED FILTER CAPACITY — due to resin-impregnated, pleated-paper filtering media.

In-Carburetor Gas Filtering

  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL — Designed to fit inside the carburetor, thereby eliminating the need to change external housing.
  • SAFE — Our built-in rollover check assures leakage prevention in the event of a rollover accident.
  • STURDY — Special materials used to construct check valves withstand all common chemical gasoline additives.

Fuel-Injector Filtering

  • VERSATILE — Meets filtering requirements of throttle-body port, central port and other fuel-injection systems.
  • DURABLE — Laser-welded seams withstand high fuel-injection system pressure
  • SUPERIOR EFFICIENCY — Filter media are pleated and impregnated with special materials to increase filter capacity, efficiency and rigidity.
  • CONVENIENT — ACDelco Fuel Injector Filters come in a full line of stainless steel and plastic filter products, with fittings available in many styles including O-ring, tube and new quick-connect fittings for easy installation.
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