Motorcraft® batteries are the only batteries specifically engineered for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. All are designed to provide dependable power in a wide range of conditions. They’re available for automotive, marine, commercial, farm, industrial and specialty applications. Motorcraft® battery models are available for GM, DaimlerChrysler and a number of import vehicles as well.

Features include:
Vent caps to reduce electrolyte loss
Inner cell welds to shorten current path
Heat-sealed covers to prevent leaks
Polypropylene containers that are impact resistant
Positive plates that contain a long-life alloy
50% thicker cast-on straps and envelope separators to reduce resistance

The complete Motorcraft® battery line includes:

Tested Tough® MAX
Tested Tough® PLUS
Dual Terminal
Fleet Tough / Commercial
Fleet Tough / Extra
Marine Craft - Specialty

Tested Tough® MAX

100-month limited warranty *
36-month FREE replacement
Reduced charging time
Long-life alloys provide excellent performance in high-heat applications

Tested Tough® PLUS

84-month limited warranty *
18-month FREE replacement
Available in top or side post configurations
Fits a wide variety of vehicle applications – includes adapter/spacer

Dual Terminal

100-month limited warranty *
36-month FREE replacement
BXT-USA and USA-2 provide application flexibility of a dual terminal battery at a competitive price
Fits over 80% of car and light truck applications with adapter/spacer

Fleet Tough / Commercial

30- or 36-month limited warranty *
12-month FREE replacement
Dual-alloy chemistry provides high cranking power requirements for tractor/trailer, farm and specialty applications
Available in a variety of 6- and 12-volt sizes
Provides several hours of reserve capacity

Fleet Tough / Extra

36-month limited warranty *
24-month FREE replacement
Designed for stop-and-go conditions encountered by local delivery and material transport vehicles
Provides ideal blend of cold cranking amps and reserve capacity
Single port venting cuts electrolyte loss, reduces terminal corrosion and allows remote venting


20- or 30-month limited warranty *
3-month FREE replacement
Equipped with technical requirements necessary for all-purpose performance
Designed for applications ranging from road graders and grain harvesters to golf carts, lawn mowers and sump pumps

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