Belts and Hoses

The Motorcraft® rubber goods line combines quality materials and design excellence that promotes product integrity and customer satisfaction. Manufactured with the right lengths and widths to replace Original Equipment (O.E.) belts and hoses, they are the only belts and hoses designed, engineered and recommended by Ford Motor Company.

Products include:
V-Ribbed belts
Cog belts
Engine cooling system hoses
Heater hoses


Motorcraft® belts are manufactured of premium-quality materials and polyester cords.
Polyester cords resist stretching, minimize slippage and provide excellent performance with short adjustment (limited take-up) drives
Laminated die-cut edge design provides quiet, efficient operation
Resist deterioration caused by grease, oil, dirt and high temperature

V-Ribbed Belts

A single belt may drive numerous engine accessories - alternator, water pump, cooling fan, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump.
Advantages of V-Ribbed belts over conventional belts include:
V-Ribbed belts require less energy to bend around the pulleys
More efficient transfer of horsepower from the belt to the accessory V-Ribbed belts may also be used in conjunction with standard belts to drive individual accessories on the same engine.

Cog Belts

Motorcraft® molded-cog belts flex easily around the smallest pulley. The molded-cog design helps preserve belt strength and eliminates rough edges present on cut-cog design belts.


Molded Curved Radiator Hose

Pre-shaped molded hose promotes easy installation. EPDM (ethylene-propylene diolefin monomer) rubber over braid construction increases hose life by resisting swelling, cracking and splitting.

Flexible Radiator Hose

- Steel-wire reinforced to resist kinking and collapsing
Permanently shaped after relatively few hours of use
Flexible hose EPDM rubber, reinforced by steel coil insert, exceeds SAE standards for hydrostatic burst strength and helps maintain full section diameter for unrestricted coolant flow
EPDM rubber material resists oil, grease, antifreeze and all approved coolant additives

Bulk Length Radiator Hose

A fabric-reinforced EPDM rubber coolant hose as a connection between the radiator and the block and other components in the engine cooling system.
This hose:
Provides high burst strength and resistance to breaks and buckling at connections, which can be caused by vibration and engine movement
Maintains full flow of coolant for engine protection

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