The complete line of Motorcraft® Drivetrain parts designed, engineered and recommended for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles includes:
CV Joints
CV Joint Service Kits and Boot Sets

CV Joints

Front wheel driveshafts can be identified by the type of CV joints used on each end of the driveshafts. There are two basic types of outboard CV joints and three basic types of inboard CV joints. Motorcraft® offers a number of CV joints within these categories.

Rzeppa Fixed CV Joint - Outboard

The Rzeppa, or "ball" style joint uses six balls positioned in a cage. Torque from the transaxle is transmitted through the inner race to the outer race by the balls. This joint comes only as a complete unit. It is used on almost every make and model of front-wheel-drive cars, except most French designs.

Fixed Tripod Joint - Outboard

The fixed tripod joint uses only three balls, mounted on needle bearings on a spider. These balls transmit torque from the spider to a housing, often called a “tulip” because of its shape. These joints are used on most French design makes and models, including front-wheel-drive AMC cars.

CV "Plunge" Joint – Inboard

The inboard CV plunge joint changes the length of the drive axle to accommodate changing road conditions.

Rzeppa (Double Offset) and Tripod Joints – Inboard

The Rzeppa and Tripod joints are made into plunging type joints, called double-offset joints, by elongating the grooves in the joint housing. The double-offset design is available as a complete unit only with all parts matched. The tripod housing and boots are sold separately in most cases. The double-offset design is used on many Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Honda and Subaru vehicles. The tripod design is used on many American and European makes including, Chrysler, certain General Motors, American Motors, Renault and Fiat vehicles.

Cross Groove Joint – Inboard

The cross groove is a plunge joint that uses a cage, inner and outer races and a matched set of six balls. The cross groove joint is available as a complete unit only. This type of joint is found primarily on German makes and models.

CV Joint Service Kits and Boot Sets

Service kits and boot sets save money by allowing for replacement of worn or torn boots before serious damage to the joint occurs. The kits include boots for inboard or outboard joints, hardware, grease and instructions.


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