Shocks and Struts

Shocks and Struts

Shocks and Struts Shock absorbers and strut assemblies reduce the bounce of your wheels to help provide a smooth ride.
Motorcraft® offers shocks and struts for almost any type of driving situation. They’re engineered specifically for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles to provide comfort and performance under ever-changing loads and driving conditions.

Products include:

Strut Assembly
Available for all Ford applications.

Heavy-Duty Shock – 1-3/16" Bore Specially calibrated and valved to deliver excellent stability and ride comfort.
Help suspension resist vehicle sway on curves and sharp turns.
Available for most cars, light trucks and vans

Extra Heavy-Duty Shock – 1-3/8" Bore Heavy-duty piston rod, firm valving and extra fluid capacity provide maximum stability and control.
Combines a premium ride with extra size and strength for good control and handling. Available for most cars, light trucks and vans.

Spring-Assist Shock
Performs dual functions of shock and vibration control, plus load carrying and leveling. Available for front and rear applications.

Gas-Charged Shock
Original Equipment (O.E.) on many Ford vehicles. Utilizes inert nitrogen gas to pressurize the hydraulic fluid and reduce aeration or "foaming" for improved ride control. Also improves handling, particularly on dirt roads.

Electric Adjustable Shock (AVS Series)
Part of today's computer-managed suspension systems that can change from a soft to firm damping rate in milliseconds based on inputs from sensors in the brakes, suspension and engine.

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