Thermostats, Thermostat Gaskets and Radiator Pressure Caps

Thermostats, Thermostat Gaskets and Radiator Pressure Caps

With the precision engineering of today's automotive engines, accurate temperature control, pressure relief and gasket seals are critical. Motorcraft® offers many fast moving thermostats as well as radiator, oil breather and fuel filler caps in display packaging.


Motorcraft® offers an O.E. quality line of heavy duty thermostats engineered for top performance and long life.
Stainless steel or brass bridge, channel-designed for strength and rigidity
Stainless steel piston
Streamlined venturi nozzle for maximum coolant flow
Brass cover and guide for heat motor piston
Stainless steel or brass mounting flange designed to properly fit and seat the thermostat in the outlet casting
Stainless steel or brass spring frame, channel-constructed for extra strength
Stainless steel spring offers precise operating compression
Heat motor in high-strength brass housing
Stainless steel, polished finish, tapered-end piston
Rulon seal for heat-motor piston
Flexible elastomeric boot
Specially formulated expansive wax compound

Thermostat Gaskets

A wide range of thermostat gaskets are available in pre-cut sizes in plain, or adhesive-backed. Adhesive-backed heavy gasket material is also available for hand-cut gaskets.

Radiator Pressure Caps

Motorcraft® Standard and safety vent radiator pressure caps offer extensive coverage for most cars and trucks as well as a variety of farm and construction equipment.

These quality-built radiator pressure caps meet O.E. specifications for Ford and competitive-make vehicles. - Standard swivel-seal radiator caps are designed to provide increased durability and can now be removed without damage to the rubber atmospheric seal - Steel sheels are zinc-plated to resist corrosion and rust - Pressure valve springs are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel which maintains calibrated pressure consistently for maximum service life - The durable rubber pressure valve gasket is compounded to resist high temperatures and deterioration by coolant chemicals - Dependable pressure and vacuum relief features, which control the effect of pressure/vacuum cycling to extend radiator and hose life - Motorcraft® radiator caps employ a "positive low-pressure stop" feature to prevent accidental cap removal


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