ACDelco Premium Parts      ACDelco Premium Parts 

Air Conditioning:
Compressors, Hoses, Motors Condensers, Coils

Electric Fuel Pumps:
Fuel Pump and Sender

Alternators and Starters

Gaskets, Bearings and Seals:
EGR Valve Gasket

Tested Tough MAX (BXT):
36 month free replacement/100 month pro rata
Tested Tough Plus (BXL):
18 month free replacement/ 84 month pro rata
Super Duty Truck and SUV battery line:
48-month free replacement

Ignition Components, Wire Sets And Cable:
Spark Plug Wire, Ignition Coil, Battery Cable

Belts and Hoses:
Serpentine and V-Belts, Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses and Heater Vacuum, Fuel Line, PCV and Windshield Wiper

Shocks and Struts:
Electrical Adjustable, Heavy Duty, Air Ride Adjustable

ABS Brake Sensors, Rotors, Pads, Shoes, Super Duty Brakes

Small Electric Motors:
Wiper Motors, Window Lift Motors, A/C and Heater Blower, Sliding Roof Panel

Antifreeze, Brake Cleaner and Brake Fluid Power Steering Fluid and Gear Lubricants

Spark Plugs:
Suppressor, Copper Core Platinum Plugs- Single and Double Platinum

Drive Train:
CV Boot Kit, CV Joints, CV Tripod

Steering Components and Suspension:
Racks, Pumps, Ball Joint (upper and lower), Tie Rod End (Assembly and Driver Inner)

Electrical Circuits and Switches:
Flasher-Turn Indicator, Headlamp Switch, Turn Signal, Speed Control Actuator

Water Pumps

Emission Sensors:
Injectors, O2 Sensors, EGR Valves, PCV Valves, Fuel Pressure Regulators, Choke Pull Off,

Windshield Wiper Blades:
All Season Wiper Blades Winter Wiper Blades Premium Wiper Blades with Wear Indicator

Oil, Air, Cabin, Transmission, and Fuel

Thermostats and Caps:
Thermostats & Thermostat gaskets Radiator Caps Gas Caps

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