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ACDelco Filters  ACDelco Ultraguard GoldGold Oil Filter Series Cut-Down 

ACDelco Ultraguard Gold

100% synthetic wire-backed media.
Teflon-coated Gasket makes installation easier.

Superior flow performance effectively traps particles up to 4 times smaller than particles trapped by conventional filters.
Reduce engine wear by up to 74%

ACDelco Duraguard Silver Series Oil Filter 

ACDelco Duraraguard Silver

Synthetic/Cellulose media.
Teflon-coated gasket.
98% efficient at 15-20 microns, for improved filtration over conventional filters.


Defend Your Engine Against The Rigors Of The Road

Dirty or unpaved roads.


Towing and heavy loads.


Extreme temperatures.


Stop-and-go traffic.


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