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ACDelco Premium Spark Plugs

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AC Conventional Spark Plug

Original equipment on GM vehicles.

Solid, consistent performance.

Designed for overall everyday reliability.

Three-seal design prevents harmful compression leakage.


Performance Spark Plug

Up to 2% greater fuel economy saves as much as $31* over the expected life of the plug (30,000 miles).

Up to 18% quicker throttle responsiveness.

Up to 27% smoother idle in gear.

Faster, more reliable starts.


AC Dual-Pad Platinum Spark Plug

Built to last for 100,000 miles.

Designed for late-model, high-tech GM engines.

Makes vehicle care more maintenance-free.


* Based on a 30,000-mile replacement interval, averaging 22 M.P.G. at $1.15 per gallon of unleaded gas.

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