Composite Transmission Filters

  • Superior Protection — Our air-tight seam virtually eliminates loss of line pressure
  • Excellent Performance — the felt filter media delivers high filtration efficiency, superior flow and long filter life
  • Improved Oil Flow — due to the use of lightweight plastic
  • Stability — built into our design with rugged steel

Paper Transmission Filters

  • Convenient — Available in a pleated design or envelope design
  • Super Strong — Filter fibers are infused with phenolic resin — adding strength and the ability to withstand high transmission fluid temperatures
  • Easy to Install — ACDelco Filter kits come complete, ready to install, with all required gaskets and O-rings included

Mesh Transmission Filters

  • Versatile — Mesh filter media is made of brass, steel, stainless steel or plastic
  • Strong and durable
  • Superior Protection — Guard against impurities and transmission damage
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ACDelco Parts Transmission Filters.


ACDelco Transmission Filters

ACDelco Transmission Filters Protect Your Car

Quality filtration is one of the most effective ways to maximize your car's transmission life and transmission performance. Always choose the best — revolutionary ACDelco Transmission Filters ... for good reasons!

Here's How They Work To Protect Your Car:

  • Our revolutionary design and materials combination provides high filtration efficiency, excellent flow and long filter life.
  • Special composite materials of plastic, steel and felt produce a reliable filter that's hermetically sealed without gaskets or sealants—a key advantage.
  • ACDelco Transmission Filters are designed and developed to original equipment application considerations.

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